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Python with Django

As a free and open-source web framework that supports high-level python programming, Django simplifies and speeds up the development of web applications. Top companies, right from Instagram and Pinterest to Mozilla and Spotify use Django, as Python’s practicality and simplicity combined with Django’s flexibility to create custom tools ease the development of complex, data-driven websites.

At Valin, the Python with Django training covers all the topics from core Python programming to web development using Django Framework including:

python and django training in Canada
  • Use built-in functions in Python to create user defined functions with different argument structures.
  • Creating classes and applying OOPS features such as inheritance, overloading, and overriding.
  • Applying regular expressions for pattern matching.
  • Creating GUI based applications using Tkinter and MySql.
  • Develop responsive web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and AJAX.
  • Develop websites using the Django Framework.

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