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Corporate Training

Take learning out of the classroom through value-driven internships
Future-focused and Skill-driven

Valin offers a host of specialised professional learning opportunities connecting theory and practice, for students who are getting ready for successful global careers. Focused on the future, these programmes are an exchange of expertise and perspectives across fields that will deepen understanding of analytical concepts and tools, build confidence in their use, sharpen skills for its successful application and thereby improve technical fluency.

We offer several career familarisitation pathways across Linux Administration, Linux Automation, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Data Science and Python with Django from which the students can choose according to their aptitude and interest.

specialised training Valin Solutions limited  Canada
  • Advanced skill training, leading to internship opportunities
  • Expert training and instructor support
  • Learning Management System
  • Interactive content
  • Hands-on labs
  • Task-based assessments
  • Applied Learning project.
  • Real-world data analytical scenarios
  • On-demand data science tools
  • Global certifications.
  • Post-training support
  • Placement Support

Delivering Business Value
through Synergy of Innovations