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QnSmart i

A question bank and question paper generation software focusing on OBE, criteria-referenced quality control, and best practices.

The winning features of this assessment tool include inbuilt Bloom’s Taxonomy Model that facilitates assessment strategies that can be graphically audited, helping HEIs to customize the blueprint of the evaluation to meet the standards of different courses, and ensuring balanced coverage of the curriculum and control over Difficulty levels, Importance levels and Question types to discourage selective learning and avoid topical repetition.

Question Bank Software qnsmart i
  • No Topic Repetition
  • Control in historical repetition
  • Quality Standardization
  • Any Type of Question Papers
  • Training by Expert Mentors
  • Dedicated Support
  • Question Papers generated in a minute
  • Reusable Question Banks
  • Super Easy
  • Process Discovery Workshops
  • Guided by Bloom’s Taxonomy

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